Stricly Electric

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, EasyKit is a Universal Conversion Kit. It can upgrade almost any cycle to Electric.

Absolutely Not. You can install EasyKit on any cycle of your choice in less than 20 mins by yourself. Its called EasyKit for a reason!

The installation process is very easy and completely DIY.
You get all the tools necessary to do the installation along with detailed tutorials. You can also get telephonic/video guidance for installation on request.

When it comes to running cost, EasyKit is one of the most affordable options. It costs only 10 paise per kilometer. Thats right!

EasyKit is completely non-invasive on your cycle. You dont need to make ANY changes to your cycle, the tyre just fits on like a well made hat on your cycle. Hence, it will not void your cycle’s warranty*

EasyKit comes with a standard 3 pin charger which is compatible with your house and office sockets in India. Hence charging will never be a problem!


As of now, no. However we are going to enter global markets very soon!

In this case, you will have to inform us while making the final payment. (We will ask you these questions at the time). Then you will have to order the EasyKit with a disk brake as an add-on.

You can order the EasyKit from any place in India and it will be delivered to the address of your choice.

We will get in touch in the coming weeks and will need some basic information about the cycle you want to convert like size, etc..

Once we get that, you will get a payment link and will need to complete the payment before we put your kit into production.

Then in the next few weeks, your EasyKit will be delivered to your doorstep.

In case you need any help with installation even after looking at our comprehensive video tutorials that come with the kit, our team will guide you via telephonic/video consultation.

Almost all components in EasyKit come with a warranty. The specific warranties are mentioned in the ‘What’s in the Kit’ Page.

In case there is a fault, our team will disgnose it via telephonic/video consutation and ask you to send the faulty component to our office.

We will then either repair or replace that component during the warranty period depending upon the components condition.

Please note that warranties do not cover accidental damage, as is the industry standard.

Be assured that you will get one of the best post-sales service available in the EV sector!

For EasyKit Strictly Electric Provides a warranty of 18 months on the Battery and front-wheel motor. A warranty of Six months on Charger, Throttle, PAS, Display, Wiring Harness, LED’s, and brake liners and a warranty of 1 year on controller.

For EasyKit E-Cycle, Strictly Electric Provides a warranty of 5 years on the cycle Frame, and the remaining components of the EasyKit that come with the cycle have the same warranties.

Note: Warranties do not cover accidental damages.

Yes, it comes with E-Brakes. You will just have to replace your older brakes with the ones provided in the kit. We will send you detailed tutorials along with the kit at the time of delivery.

Note: If you have hydraulic brakes, you will have to inform us at the time of final payment (We will ask you these questions at the time). You will need to order EasyKit with a hydraulic brake as an add-on in this case.

You can pre-book the EasyKit for just Rs. 499/-

Yes, the pre-booking fee is fully refundable!


Yes, of course! The pre-booking fee will be deducted from your final billing amount.


Just send an email to with your invoice id, email id or phone number (which you entered while pre-booking) and we will process the refund.


EasyKit E-Cycle is just the EasyKit with a good quality cycle. So people who dont already have a cycle they can upgrade, can just get the EasyKit E-Cycle which is a complete E-Cycle.

It costs Rs. 37,499