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Over the centuries of Patriarchate, we are used to the fact that mizoginia is inherent in men. However, women themselves are not inferior to them in humiliation and stigmatism of the representatives of their own sex. Moreover, they often receive the most cruel attitude from other women … We understand questions about internal misogy with a psychologist.

It would seem that evolution is moving seven -mini steps. It is no longer a shame to admit that your man was a tyrant, it is not shameful to leave the relations that have stopped arranging, and it is not at all scary to be more successful than your father or grandfather. Whether it has become easier for women from these “innovations”? In relations with men – noticeably yes. There are already “red flags” and markers who will indicate an unenviable future at the stage of acquaintance, it is not at all necessary to spend a quarter of life on an understanding of who is next to you. Divorce ceased to be a disaster and a stigma.

But then the trouble came from where they did not wait. More precisely, she has always been, but now, when many women have become more attentive to themselves and their mental health, to protect the psyche and monitor personal borders, this problem has come to the forefront. And her name is Misoginia.

Misoginia is feminine

You and I, in general, are accustomed to misogynia from men: “Chicken is not a bird, a woman is not a man”, “A woman behind the wheel is a monkey with a grenade”. Especially hardened women only roll their eyes when they hear these cliches from men, because they know that this is a sign of scarcity and unrealization. Well, who in the 21st century will judge a professional or personal qualities only by gender! However, women themselves also often hang up labels on the representatives of their own sex.

Inner misogynia

If you open any profile of a beautiful woman or a woman who is knocked beyond the generally accepted beauty/success/lifestyle format, then in the comments to the photo you can go off the account of negative statements. Yes, some from men. But most humiliating words, insults, uninvited advice and ridicule – from women.

They will certainly give advice to lose weight, give birth, leave their husband. They will definitely say that such a nose is only cut, and such a chest is carried to a plastic surgeon. Naturally, no one asked about these tips. And, of course, these tips are given under the sauce of the “white -powder” (pronouncing in the Italian manner; a derivative of a “white coat” is a term, which indicates “I know better, I know better, I’m not like that”).

Paradox, but criticism towards a woman from a man is perceived by many as a red rag, but from a woman – as a given that causes more confidence with which you can even agree.

Even activists of feminism sin by the division of the female into smart and “heifers”, which, of course, fundamentally contradicts the very idea of this movement.

The emergence of mizoginia in us

This behavior is not born with us. We are not born with hatred of our own floor, but we do it forced to match a certain public canons. So, for example, many women admit that the company of men adopt the style of communication, jokes and attitude to women in general.

If you look closely at teams, where there are fewer women, you can see the following: first the woman experiences discomfort, then, in order to overcome it, begins to pour into the team like a chameleon – prefers a more sports style of clothing, sneakers, backpacks, and to brand new girls who came toThe team in dresses experiences contempt and desire to assert himself at their expense.

This means only one thing – to receive social “buns” and not become a white crow, a

woman adjoins a more privileged group – to men

And then, fully involved in this game, she begins to divide everything into a woman’s (bad) and male (good, typical). For example, crying from resentment is in a woman. And drink vodka at a corporate party without bite,-very much like a man.

The trigger of the misoginia

The causes of the average woman of hatred of herself can be attributed:

Childhood and youth in a criticizing environment. The woman heard from her mother or grandmother only comments and absorbed such a model of behavior in a “female” society – criticism and nothing more;

Family disappointment that a girl was born, not a boy. “The boy is welcome, girl – well, it’s good that healthy”. Since childhood, a woman has an opinion that being a boy is honorable and great, but girls are already the second variety. She transfers this stereotype to other women, obviously belittling them;

Jealousy for brother, unevenly distributed parental love. If a woman from childhood sees that a brother, unlike her, is allowed, then she is as demanding as her parents to her, refers to the women who surround her;

Excellent syndrome. If there was a lot of whip in a woman’s life, and there was no gingerbread, she continues to keep herself in the hedgehog mittens. When she sees that other women live as she cannot afford, the volcano begins to rage inside and envy, hatred of women and anger, which, in general, is aimed only at herself;

Competition. Where to get married means the purpose of all life, a desperate desire to protect “your” often turns on. Not to let anyone in your man. Any woman is perceived as a threat. From this weak position, we forget that a man is not a goat on a rope, and if you can “take it away”, then the problem is not in other women at all.

Where Misoginia lives?

Female mizoginia arises where women do not enjoy their own uniqueness (as men do), but compete with each other. Women are limited by the framework of compliance with age, national ideas about the householdness, reproductive abilities and sexuality. That is, a woman cannot simply want to have children, she owes all women who believe that “children are happiness, without children you are an empty vessel”, give a detailed report on her opinion, although her reproductive system and her functioning do not concern anyone,except her.

Also a woman, in order to be more attractive and sexier, cannot have magnificent forms. If a woman Plus Size has a man who loves her and does not chat in her, then he will be called a pervert. Who? Women! For men, for the most part, do not care about it.

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